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This is a catch all category for anything else you may need.

Ryobi Circular Saw

Product Illustration

Micahel Weber Arts - Ryobi Circular Saw Illustration

Model T Suspension Kit

Product Photography

Micahel Weber Arts - Model T Suspension Kit Illustration

Thunderbird Replacement Panel

Product Photography

Michael Weber Arts - Thunderbird Replacement Panel Illustration

Wiring Harness

Product Illustration

Michael Weber Arts - Wiring Harness Illustration



Michael Weber Arts - Hand-painted Gastank

Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem

Fan Art

MIcahel Weber Arts - Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem Flyer

Old Fort Niagara

Promotional Poster

Michael Weber Arts - Fort Niagara Haunted Fortess Flyer



Micahel Weber Arts - Lucid Band Branding

The Uncanny Monster

Fan Art (gift shop)

Micahel Weber Arts - The Uncanny Monster Fanart

Boston Bruins

Fan Art

Micahel Weber Arts - Bruins Light Up Sign
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