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Are a physical representation of your logo or other artwork to create an informative display for public understanding, education, and really show off the pride you have for your business or fandom. As we identify your needs together like; materials, size, colors, and location to best convey your intent. Constructed of wood (interior/exterior) or lightweight foam products (interior only). Add layers of material for a 3D version or other special effects (ask us about what is possible)

Karloff Enterprises

Created from 3 layers of MDF board with a jigsaw and a Dremel. No lasers. Inside the letters contain several photos spanning Boris Karloff's career and the letters are lined with LED lighting.

Michael Weber Arts - Karloff Enterprises - 3D LED wooden sign


Created for a local band in Niagara Falls, NY. Spray paint on white felt.

Michael Weber Arts - Sliver - fabric banner

La Vista Bella

Of course, your logo can be painted non-traditional surfaces as it was for this Hispanic restaurant in Lockport, NY. Original paint was stripped off and the flag was painted by hand.

Michael Weber Arts - La Vista Bella Restaurant - ceramic sign

Northeast Cambria Union Cemetery

Located in Cambria, N.Y. Hand-painted wooden sign on 3/4" marine grade plywood 4x4 feet.

Michael Weber Arts - Cambria Union Northeast Cemetery - wooden sign

Boston Bruins

Created with 4 levels of foamboard, hand-cut and painted, backlit with LED lighting. 17 inch diameter. Perfect for any fan cave.

Michael Weber Arts - Boston Bruins - 3D LED foamboard sign

Vincent Family

Created for display on the arbor for a wedding. Two levels of painted plywood to create a 3D appearance. 24x8 inches.

Michael Weber Arts - Vincent Wedding - 3D wooden sign

The Children

Hand painted from the inside of a clear drumhead for a local original band from Niagara Falls, NY.

Michael Weber Arts - The Children - hand painted drumhead

Big Ugly's Pub

Former Pub in Lockport, NY. Painted on 3/4 inch plywood. 4x5 feet with 3 layers to create a 3D appearance. The building was the same shade of white and that part of the sign disappeared.

Michael Weber Arts - Big Ugly's Pub - 3D wooden sign for Big Ugly's Pub

New York Central Train Station

Hand painted on 1/2 chip plywood. 4x3.5 feet. Promotional item used to restore this iconic structure.

Michael Weber Arts - NY Central Train Station - wooden sign

Old People Motorcycle Club

Hand painted on smooth wood surface.

Michael Weber Arts - Old People Motorcycle Club - wooden sign

Evening Star Concert Hall

Located in Niagara Falls, NY. Painted on 3/4" plywood 4x4 feet with 2 layers of wood to create a 3D appearance. Backlit with string lights and coated in drywall putty for a textured appearance.

Michael Weber Arts - Evening Star Concert Hall - 3D LED wooden sign

Niagara Hotel

Located in Lockport, NY. These are hand-painted on 12x12 inch foamboard and continue the legacy of the Niagara Hotel's humor. Artwork is based on the original "Every Day" sign to create 7 additional signs, plus a recreation of the original sign.  Two signs contain magnets to switch out pricing.

Michael Weber Arts - Niagara Hotel - foamboard signs

Michael Weber Arts

Hand carved from one piece of insulation foam. No glue was injured during this construction.

Michael Weber Arts - Michael Weber Arts - 3D foam sign


Hand painted from the inside of a clear drumhead for a local original band from Niagara Falls, NY.

Michael Weber Arts - Klear - hand painted drumhead

High St. Deli

Former Deli in Lockport, NY. Painted on aluminum. 2x2 feet.

Michael Weber Arts - High St. Deli - hand panted aluminum sign
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