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A map is a symbolic display of different elements and their relationship to each other. They help the visitor to orient themselves with the features of your venue, provide historical context, or find treasure. Most maps are flat and printed on paper or used online. However, we can also make maps in 3D by adding layers of material. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Niagara County Fairgrounds

Created for inclusion in their brochure to assist with fairground navigation. Each year the map is updated to include new and exciting attractions.

Michael Weber Arts - Map of Niagara County Fair Grounds

Niagara Rises

Planning map for the Tails, Troops & Tunes event hosted by Niagara Rises. The map was also used day of to place the attractions as they arrived on site.

Michael Weber Arts - Map for Niagara Rises Event; Tails, Troops and Tunes

Gratwick Waterfront Park

Created as a planning map for a music festival.

Michael Weber Arts - Map of Gratwick Park

Lockport Heritage Tours

Created to promote this portion of the Empire State Trail. Featuring the decorative flower beds at each intersection.

Michael Weber Arts - Map of Lockport Heritage Tours

Wilson Harbor

Created as part of a local history project.

Michael Weber Arts - Map of the Wilson Harbor

Lockport Topography

Originally created to determine the scope of a historic model project.

Michael Weber Arts - Map of Lockport Topography


Are a great way to showcase a new building, add a custom feature to your railroad layout, or to preserve the appearance of a historic structure. These are created with a variety of materials, supplies and techniques.

NY Central Lockport Station

This is the archway portion of a former train station. Created as a materials test to see what would be required to complete the entire building. Foamboard and Insulation foam. Carved and painted by hand. 15x15 inches.

Michael Weber Arts - Model of Central Lockport Train Station Archway


Created for a themed wedding. The main roof was left open at the peak to drop envelopes inside. The draw bridge opened and closed. Foamboard walls, construction paper shingles, 4x3x5 feet.

Michael Weber Arts - Model of a Castle for a Wedding
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