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Are an instrumental part of any venture. A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. They can also include the entire name of the brand. I can work with you to identify your ideas, colors, and intent as we go through the design process. This service is available for but not limited to:

Local Business • Musicians • Independent Movies
Charity Organizations • Monograms • Family Crests


Are a physical representation of your logo or other mark to create an informative display for public understanding, education, and they really show off the pride you have for your business or fandom. As we identify your needs we can determine the materials, size, and location that best conveys your intent. Constructed of wood (interior/exterior) or lightweight foam products (interior only). Add layers of material for a 3D version or consider other special effects (ask us about what is possible). All signs are hand-crafted and adorned as desired. (see murals)

Local Business • Vendor Displays • Fandom
Informational • Movie Props • Video Calls


Are a symbolic display of different elements and their relationship to each other. They help the visitor orient themselves with the features of your venue, provide historical context, or find treasure. Most maps are flat and printed on paper or used online. However, we can also make maps in 3D by adding layers of material for a cool conversation piece. (see signs) (see models).

Facility/Grounds Layout • Historic Recreations • Seating Charts
Book Illustrations • Event Planning • Topography • Fandom


Are a great way to explain a new building, add a custom feature to your railroad layout or to preserve the appearance of a historic structure. These are created with a variety of materials, supplies and techniques.

Historical Structures • Topography • Model Railroads
Prototypes • Kitbashing • Movie Props • Fandom


Can be a form of advertising or expression that attract the viewer to your business or facility with your logo displayed, depict history, social ideas or something completely whimsical to enhance or inform the surrounding area. These are applied with paint on site and may require renting specific equipment.

Local Business • Beautification • Fandom
Public Engagement • Educational


Are the rapid display of sequenced static imagery to create the illusion of movement. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Local Business • Content Creators • Title Sequences
Stop Motion • Time-lapse • Animated Maps


This is a generic term used to describe the assembly of information into an easily understood timeline format. This process is much faster and cheaper if you provide the information.

Genealogy • Staff Changes • Historic Timelines
Fandom • Statistical • Flow Charts


This is a catch all category for anything else you may need.

Board Game Design • Product Illustration • Building Facades
Fandom • Artwork • Prototype Designs



 Any of the above skills can be combined in different ways to create a project that is not listed above, let us know what you're thinking. In addition to everything mentioned above. If for some reason after our discussion either you feel that I cannot create your vision OR my current workload cannot meet your deadline. I will certainly recommend other artists who could meet your needs. Also, if you have a project that involves several artists, please consider me for your team project.


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